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Become a NINJA in Malta

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Learn the ancient art of 'NINJITSU', 'KENJITSU' & 'JIUJITSU' in Malta.
NINJITSU - The art of the stealth warrior.
KENJITSU - The art of the Japanese sword-fighting.
JIUJITSU - The art of all Martial arts.
Learn these traditional Japanese Martial Arts infused with a natural approach to movement and combative response. The dojo's Sensei is Shihan Alfred GALEA (Master Teacher) - the only Shihan Sensei, 10th Dan to the Honbu (head Dojo) in Japan under Hatsumi Sensei in the island of Malta.

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Ninjutsu evolved and developed as a way of life for the survival of a Japanese people culturally opposed to the ruling Samurai class of the day. With a traceable history of 1000 years the Ninja were most notable for their skills and activity during the Japanese Civil War periods of the l3th-l6th Centuries. All martial arts were stripped of warrior significance when peace came to Japan in 1868 (Meiji Restoration) but the teachings of Ninjustsu went underground and was brought to modern times by the 33rd Grandmaster, Toshitsugu Takamatsu.
Jiu-Jitsu - There are many varying accounts as to the origins of Jiu-Jitsu but some historians say that Jiu-Jitsu (the oldest form of all martial arts), also known as “the Mother of Martial Arts”, can be tracked back to India where it was invented by Buddhist monks. These monks developed movements based on balance and leverage, in a manner that would avoid reliance on strength and weapons.
Kenjutsu is the traditional sword-fighting style of Japan that uses a katana as the primary weapon. The katana is a single-edged, slightly curved blade used by the samurai, or warrior caste, of feudal Japan. Kenjutsu means "way of the sword" and was practiced by the samurai as training for war and for perfection of self.
Price: € 40 / per month - Training involves 3 main diciplines : Ninjitsu, Kenjitsu & Juijitsu

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